Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Me and My (Deadbeat) Shadow

In department news: many meetings, but nothing I can blog about. I did learn some important lessons (not in a situation involving me) about whom the department will and will not support once push comes to shove, though.

I also got two phone calls on my cell phone yesterday, neither of them for me. When I got a new cell phone number about a year ago, I didn't realize that it came complete with the ghost of past owners. I'm still getting 2-3 calls a week for "Todd," my deadbeat shadow.

I've learned at least a few things about Todd.
  • He apparently liked to gamble. A lot. I get a lot of calls alerting me to hot tips at some gambling site.
  • He apparently didn't have a day job, since if I don't keep the phone turned off, it's apt to ring in the middle of a meeting at any time of the day.
  • He also was apparently a person of considerable interest to a Chicago law firm, which liked to call and leave very long automated messages on my voice mail demanding that Todd call them back immediately. This went on for a long time because whoever was responsible for sending out the messages apparently never listened to see whose voice mail it was. I finally called the law firm and told them to stop calling.
  • He wasn't too good with handling money, since I get calls from collection agencies demanding that Todd call them back immediately. A live person actually called yesterday, so I was able to tell him that "Todd" hadn't owned this phone in quite some time. Maybe that'll stop a few of the calls.

    I do want the calls to stop, but it has been sort of interesting piecing together the life of my deadbeat shadow.

    Anonymous said...

    I recently changed my mobile number, and had a very similar experience, with creditors calling and the occasional salacious text message from unknown numbers, which needless to say were not returned by me. When I logged onto yahoo messenger from the phone, the system apparently stores user names with numbers, and up popped the old owner's screen name (something indiscreet, like "BigBootyMama420").

    This has all faded. Now the only creditors who ring are calling for me, unfortunately.

    undine said...

    Ouch. That sounds a lot worse than just having creditors call.