Monday, July 10, 2006

Wild nights! Wild nights!

But since I am not Emily Dickinson, the wild night consisted of the following:

1. Staying up until 4 hours before the rest of the house awakens (at the crack of dawn, always, always).

2. Cruising the internets, reading the New York Times and catching up on blog reading.

3. Resenting the fact that I just got back from a conference and tomorrow have to leave on a research trip, however productive that might be.

4. Watching an obscure movie.

5. Not working on impending article promised long ago for a far-too-soon deadline.

As penance, today I

* scanned a whole lot of microfilm to .pdf and burned it to a CD at the library.

* turned in an overdue book order.

But I can hear Boice, David Allen, and the rest of the efficiency crew hanging their virtual heads in shame at my defection.


Mel said...

microfilm is penance enough. You are forgiven.

Professor Zero said...

ah, efficiency is boring! enjoy.

undine said...
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undine said...

It's especially penance when you realize that the microfilm is incomplete. Thanks--it *is* time to put efficiency aside and enjoy.