Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Bullets of March Teaching

  • I almost took a picture of the bag of folders with corrected papers, all neatly paperclipped to quizzes and whatever else I had to give back. For one brief, shining moment, that grading was done in all its handcrafted loveliness.
  • Yes, I did have one student come up to say . . . that he couldn't read my handwriting.
  • An added benefit of spring break: students really do seem revved up and ready to discuss the texts.
  • Or maybe it's just that from here, the end is in sight.
  • I have put so much work into teaching the flying dinosaur studies class this semester that I'm going to be crushed if it turns out they didn't like it. They seem to be enjoying it, but you never know. They got into such a spirited debate today that I had to stop them so class wouldn't go over time.

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