Monday, February 15, 2010

Random bullets of February

  • Still as corny as Kansas in August, high as a flag on the Fourth of July, and all that, about teaching flying dinosaur studies, even though I haven't finished grading their papers. I'm enjoying the other classes, too. (If you don't know the song, it's here.)
  • Have finally looked at my research journal and have discovered that except for minor revisions and materials for a project that someone else is organizing, I haven't written anything for at least a month. Apparently it's all teaching, all the time here at Chez Undine, at least for now. I have to get writing and stop treating teaching like a new toy.
  • This infatuation with teaching doesn't include the less-fun-than-a-root-canal process of pulling together materials for the annual review. The administration has decided to ask for extra materials about impact of what we're doing, which makes the whole process just so much more pointless special. Dame Eleanor Hull and Bardiac have said it better than I can.


Ink said...

I think it's rejuvenating to take a break from writing and have actual time to enjoy the teaching. So HUZZAH for you! Really glad you're enjoying the class. :)

ArticulateDad said...

I miss teaching. I admit it. But then, I've got two new hires about to arrive at the doors of my research firm, eager and anxious to learn from me the magic that will be paying their salaries for at least the next two years. So... it's teaching in a way.

undine said...

Ink, that's what I'm hoping. I'm realizing that I'm just now starting to get interested in my projects again, so maybe that break was what I needed.

ArticulateDad, that's teaching as mentoring. I keep being fascinated by your accounts of how your research firm is growing.