Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer school teaching, the absence of (II)

Ink's comments on the last post about summer teaching got me thinking.

It's about 80 degrees here, dry and sunny, but I'm in the shade, and there's a cool breeze blowing. There are birds chirping all around in the trees, and, since the cats sharing the deck with me are too comfortably lazy to go after the birds, it's peaceful all around. The neighbors have mercifully progressed from their Windchimes Phase to a Water Fountain Phase, which is far more pleasant to listen to, and all the kids and dogs seem to be elsewhere, so all I hear are the birds and the wind in the trees. The work I'm responding to today is up on the screen on my laptop, and I have a tall glass of iced tea near at hand.

So yes--is the absence of summer school something I could get used to? To quote Ink, "It sounds kind of heavenly."


Ink said...


Sounds like you're at a writer's retreat for the summer! And fountain sounds rock.

undine said...

A writer's retreat in all except the box lunches, Ink--or at least I'm hoping so!