Saturday, June 21, 2008

Watching the robins

If you look directly at the mother robin, she waits on a branch until you turn your head slightly away. That means that you don't know that she's there and are less likely to be a predator. Only then will she fly up to the nest and stuff the upturned beaks with food.

The babies are in the nest on top of the porch light. It's a terrible spot, since people go in and out of the door all day long, but apparently it's a deluxe spot if you're a robin.

I've been away and Blogger thinks I haven't had internet access, or at least it has been giving its inscrutable error messages when I've tried to post. I soon won't have any access for a week or so.

But I did get an article sent out and can now work on other things.

That, and watch the robins.

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