Friday, March 28, 2008

Random bullets of TGIF and grammar goodness

  • My students are great, both undergrads and grads. I don't want to say any more lest any of them venture into this tiny corner of the internets and recognize themselves but they're interesting, they have good ideas, they're prepared, and they seem interested in what we're doing. I come away from classes energized and full of ideas of my own, and isn't that a great feeling?
  • That said, I was so tired last night by the time I got home, and so glad to be home, that I wanted to hug the floor. I settled instead for crawling into bed at an ungodly early hour.
  • I know I promised to stop complaining about the weather, but I want it to stop snowing. I want the roads to be dry, not icy.
  • For some grammar geek goodness, check out the interview with Merill Perlman, Director of Copy Desks at the New York Times. A sample: "As for your second question, Internet and Web are not proper nouns in the way that New York Times is, but common usage started out with them capitalized. I suspect that, before too long, they will become generic, like television or telephone. Our dictionary (and our stylebook) leaves them uppercase for now. (At the beginning, e-mail was almost universally rendered as E-mail, and is fast becoming email.)" I have a now-antiquated Wired Guide to Style from the 1990s that still has these capitalized, and it now seems almost quaint to see the way we were told to write "Web site" (always with a capital, always two words), "Internet," and so on.
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