Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random bullets of "there went the weekend"

The bad:

  • I've been sick with a cold and have had the usual experience of more or less total brain freeze: I can read the words in a book, but that's no guarantee that they've made an impression on my brain.
  • As a consequence of that, I'm behind on everything I was supposed to do.
  • As a consequence of that, I am dodging my email as though it has eyes to accuse me of massive slackerdom. I have muttered "leave me alone" to Outlook no fewer than three times today.
  • I am also wondering why, when everything has turned to ice, the road crews spread the sand around about as liberally as though they were scattering individual pieces of Godiva chocolate on the road and were paying for them out of their own pockets.

    The good:
  • The nice thing about teaching for a long time is that that there are apparently teaching muscles that spring into action even if springing into action is the last thing you feel like doing.
  • The other nice thing is the students: they energize you, you energize them, and you come away from the class feeling better than you did before--oh, and they learned something, too.

    Cero said...

    My sentiments exactly. We don't have as much ice but by our standards we do, it sort of freezes things!

    undine said...

    Exactly! Places that have a lot of snow actually deal with it better than places that only get it once in a while.