Sunday, July 16, 2006

Far, far away

Some random observations from research trip land & family land:

1. People here understand that the sign I read as "speed limit" really means "suggested speed for people not living in Big Eastern City." They know it means 80 when the sign says 55. This is why they are more efficient than I am.

2. Ditto for a car's signal lights, which are vestigial appendages that simply slow you down. (I hope these two don't sound too cranky. I live in a place that apparently considers guard rails an interference with one's God-given and democratic right to plunge off a cliff, which people do with some regularity near Northern Clime, so each place has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to driving.)

3. I read blog posts in which people talk about working in coffee shops, but give me a library every time. After I finished my work at the research library, I went to the main library at Not My Campus and stayed until they turned off the lights. I'd have stayed longer if they would have let me, but that was obviously out of the question.

4. It's nice hanging out with family by the lake, but it would be even nicer if finding time to write a promised piece wasn't such a challenge.

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