Friday, June 22, 2018

Random bullets of just past Summer Solstice

  • There's still lots of summer left, even if the days are getting shorter.
  • The writing is sort of moving along. I met a couple of (overdue) commitments, am working on others, and turned down some invitations for new projects because I will eventually learn not to overcommit.
  • Archives always say "no need to contact us!" but you really do, because the collection you want might be inaccessible for some reason. Somehow those are hard emails to write, though, and waiting for an answer while watching the travel prices go up isn't fun.
  • A survey recently asked about public engagement on social media for university faculty. They want us to engage, but I'm guessing that research, service, and teaching demands won't lessen. Instead, we'll be expected to drum up business in the form of outside lectures, interviews, etc. on top of everything else--and it'll be a standard to meet or be punished, not an extra to be celebrated.
  • I'm not going to bring up the political horror show here (donated, wrote to congresspeople already) but instead will concentrate on breathing in the cool summer morning air. Lilacs are past, but the honeysuckle is out. 
  • Today's a big anniversary for Spouse & me, so we'll be going out to dinner. I won't say which one, because some colleagues at my former university made fun of us for being married young (barely out of university) & and I'm still wary about revealing personal information after that. But yay for anniversaries!


gwinne said...

Happy anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

I always follow up comments on being married young with the fact we’d been dating for 6 years prior to that! He’s perfect so I assume unpleasant people are jealous.

Happy anniversary!


Undine said...

Thanks, gwinne!

Thanks, nicoleandmaggie! That's gutsy of you to say to the unpleasant people. I chalked up the comments to the colleagues' being the cool kids in the department & figured that, as in middle school, engaging them further would lead to more pain (mine).

What Now? said...

Happy anniversary! I hope your dinner out was lovely.

xykademiqz said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

AliceAcademic said...

Happy Anniversary

Undine said...

Thank you, What Now?

Thanks, xykademiqz!

Thanks, AliceAcademic (& it's good to see you back)!

Undine said...

P. S. We had a lovely dinner, What Now?