Saturday, March 22, 2014

Comments on Wordpress blogs

I've been getting a message when I've tried to post to some Wordpress blogs: "Your comment cannot be posted" or something like that (on Historiann and Quod She), so I switched Gmail identities.  The new one isn't working, either, so apparently I am persona non grata at Wordpress. I'm not a spammer--honest!

So for now, I am reading, but I can't post comments. I'll keep working on it. My next identity will have the name Unwilling Lurker :).


Anonymous said...

That is super sad! I hate it when wordpress and blogspot don't play well with others. :(

Historiann said...

I can put you in my whitelist--email me your email address and any other info you're leaving when you try to leave a comment on my blog.

You can use either my colostate email address or my gmail.

undine said...

nicoleandmaggie--and I kind of like Wordpress, too, if it would only like me back.
Historiann--will do that--thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yet, you got through on mine.