Monday, November 21, 2011

A "keep your chin up" post, comfort food edition

If you read the news, it's easy to get discouraged. On the national side of things, this means one party trying to "Kill the Poor" and heap benefits on the rich beyond all reason, with some candidates so venal that they make Richard Nixon look good. On the university side, it means the events at Penn State and the police attack on students at U C Davis. Last year was the 40th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State. I hope we're not headed back in that direction.

So, to keep my chin up, and yours, I'm going to offer you some comfort food: a recipe for cranberry-apple cobbler (or apple brown betty, apple crisp, or apple crumble--name varies regionally).

1. First, get out your apple corer, if you have one (they are fabulous devices) and peel and core about 5-6 reasonably tart apples: McIntosh, Cortland, Honey Crisp, Wealthy, Northern Spy, or Granny Smith. Use all the same kind of apple, though; the cobbler will taste better. If you use sweeter varieties than these, use some lemon juice put the juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon in the recipe, depending on the sweetness of the apples.

Cut the cored and sliced apples in quarters so that the slices are small.

2. Preheat the oven to about 400 degrees and get out a pan, the size you'd use for brownies or a one-layer cake--about 8 x 11." Butter the pan.

3. Put the apples in the pan along with about a cup of fresh cranberries. Combine 1 c. sugar and 1 tsp. cinnamon in a bowl and pour it over the apples and cranberries. Toss this together with the fruit so everything is coated with the cinnamon-sugar mixture.

4. In another bowl, cut together with a pastry cutter or knives: 1 stick (i.e., 1/2 cup) of butter, 2/3 c. brown sugar, 2/3 c. rolled oats, 1/3 c. flour.

5. Spread this crumble mixture over the top of the apples and bake for about 35 minutes, until the fruit bubbles along the sides and the top is browned.

This is good served warm with ice cream and also just by itself.

There, don't you feel better now? It sure helped me.


Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

Thanks for the link and the recipe, Undine. My typist has been interested in fall fruit crumble recipes, having enjoyed so many yummy peach crumbles over the summer.

And you're right: The news sucks. Food is wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving!

undine said...

Thanks, RoxieSL. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Contingent Cassandra said...

This is a brown betty for me (thanks to the Joy of Cooking, I think, which offers an explanation of which fruit-and-topping desserts fall under which names, but I doubt it's definitive).

If you can get it, the relatively new apple variety Gold Rush is also wonderful for baking (and eating): tart, but more complex than a Granny Smith. It's a late variety, and so far I've only seen it in farmer's markets; sellers there tell me the flavor is best after a frost.

undine said...

Thanks, CC. I will have to check out Gold Rush apples.