Monday, July 04, 2011

No phones, no lights, no motor cars

I'm back, in a manner of speaking, although my body clock is still set to several time zones away. It couldn't be called a restful trip, what with flying in and then driving 4 separate trips of 500 miles each due to family emergencies, and when I woke up this morning, I'd been in so many different places that I didn't know where I was for a minute.

But there were a few days in the land of no internets, and that helped a lot. I've written before about the land of no internets, which feels sort of like a private family theme park where the 19th century comes alive (no phones! no internet! no washers! no dishwashers!). Life slows down and spreads out before you when you can't check messages and the phone is off. Instead of looking downward at the phone, a gesture that's become more and more ubiquitous, you lift your head. You look out across the water or across the room at your family members.

Some days I watched the rain pour down and decided that it was a good time to make some cookies or maybe a blueberry cobbler. Other days, I was out on the water and just breathing in the early morning smell of the air. At night, it's so dark I can see constellations that I don't see at other times, and if I ventured a few feet from the house, I wouldn't see it unless the moon is out.

When I left the land of no internets, I discovered that I'd been pelted with phone and email messages from colleagues who didn't take a hint from my previous "I am away from my desk" responses and seemed to want replies! right! now! to deal with issues that were important to them.

But I don't have to care about those messages when I'm in the land of no internets.


Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely! So long as I've got plenty of books...

anthea said...

Sounds totally lovely..and exactly what I need at the moment. Enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Anonymous said...

Aha, I see: the 500 mile drives are outside the land of no internets. I was trying to imagine a place at least 500 miles square with no Internet and several time zones away, and this was quite a puzzle.

undine said...

Plenty of books, nicoleandmaggie, and time to read them.

anthea, it was lovely!

profacero--yes, the drives were back into internet territory, and we did check it there. When we were at the house, though, I didn't check it, though I could if I walked up to the top of a hill. I liked the "no internet/no phone" feeling and didn't want to break into it, though.