Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Random bullets of this week so far

  • I think I've talked to more people this week than I talked to all summer. It's exciting to talk with students about their plans and projects. It's exciting to teach. It's exciting to go to the library and get books.
  • It's also tiring. Last week was so exciting in that way that all I could do for two days of the weekend was fall asleep every time I sat down, not that I sat down if there was any chance of lying down. According to those around me, I was a little less animated than the inhabitants of Zombieland, with less color in my face.
  • I read the "10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly" at the Chronicle and paused at this:
    2. Set goals based on output, not input."I will work for three hours" is a delusion; "I will type three double-spaced pages" is a goal. After you write three pages, do something else. Prepare for class, teach, go to meetings, whatever. If later in the day you feel like writing some more, great. But if you don't, then at least you wrote something.
    While I really like this goal, on some days, that means I would be teaching at 11:30 at night if I waited until I got three double-spaced pages.


Nicole said...

Weird, I totally disagree on that writing advice. Especially when you're at the editing stage. Time in is important, not length. It's easy to write a lot of long bad stuff, not so easy to write tightly.

3 hours is delusional, but 1 hour with breaks is not.

I'm also exhausted with the additional activity! Hopefully I will get into the swing of things soon.

Ink said...

I hear you on the exhaustion. Sigh. Hope that you can get a little extra sleep this weekend...

undine said...

Nicole, that was my reaction, too: "long bad stuff." If you write a lot of that, it's tough to get back on track sometimes.

Ink--right back at you!

captcha is "ressesse," which sounds like just what we all need.