Thursday, July 26, 2007

Personality meme again

If my extraversion scale gets any lower, I'm going to go live in a cave. INTP
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Professor Zero said...

That is funny about the extroversion scale! I like this test. It says I am ENFP. This explains a whole lot.

wil said...

Hi, great blog!

I decided to take the test and got my usual Myers-Briggs result: INTJ (95% introversion!). My wife has a similar rating. We tend to think of ourselves as hermits...often referring to our home as "the hermitage". ;-)

undine said...

ENFP--a charismatic leader, Professor Zero. Some of the INTP stuff suits me, but some of the descriptions make that type sound like a psycho killer.

Wil, I so hear you about "the hermitage." I've gotten a couple of INTJ results over the years, but it seems to have settled on INTP the last few times.

Professor Zero said...

Psycho killers, oh my! ;-) People who meet me tend to think I am INTJ, but they are merely observing my professor skills.

In graduate school I shared a house with four I's. I was the only one who would leave the house on weekends. My E friends called our house "the hermitage."

undine said...

Professor Z, this is what made me think of the psycho killer thing (from the test site): "likes solitude, not revealing, unemotional, rule breaker, avoidant, familiar with the darkside, skeptical, acts without consulting others."

I saw an explanation one time that said that the "P" score (which we share) means that you hate to be boxed in by rules and deadlines; even committing to a social event that you want to participate in somehow makes a "P" character feel trapped. A big "aha!" light went on in my head with this explanation, because that fits me to a t.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Another INTP. Didn't think we were that common.