Thursday, December 09, 2010

Time of the Season

It's that time of the year when you'd rather be thinking about the beginning of something than the end of something:

  • being excited about planning next semester's classes rather than actually, you know, grading the papers from this one, even though you loved this semester's classes.
  • thinking ahead to seeing family at Christmas instead of finishing up the Christmas shopping.
  • actually being at MLA instead of finishing up the paper for it.
  • the projects you've got lined up for next semester instead of finishing the ones for this semester.

    Nicole said...


    All of that is 100% true.

    And I'm stuck at home with a sick kid but not any of the next semester stuff I wish I were working on or ought to be working on either... (Somehow I packed up my external harddrive but never actually put it in my bag.)

    undine said...

    Being stuck at home with a sick kid means a dispensation from all work. That's what the universe is telling you by making you leave the harddrive behind.

    michele said...

    For those of us on the market:
    research neighborhoods to live in if we got the offer rather than preparing for the interview!