Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not productive but sort of fun

Have you ever had this happen to you? You're reading along in a classic novel (one you've read before). You're sitting in a chair in the living room instead of at your desk because this is your idea of a festive and exciting thing to do during spring break. (Talk about the boring lives of academics!)

All of a sudden you drift into sleep, or a sort of semi-consciousness, in which you're dreaming an alternate plot to the novel--same characters and everything--and the plot makes sense. After about 15 minutes you realize that you're sleeping and start reading again. You're confused because the plot you dreamed is still vivid, and you feel as though you've momentarily lost your place.

Not that this has happened to me, of course ;-).


Anonymous said...

This happens to me many, many, many times. I tend to read a lot of weird cross-genre sci fi/political science, and I'll end up having these crazy dreams where I'm involved in political intrigue on another planet, or trying to sort out the governing hierarchy of a previously undiscovered alien species. Ridiculous.

This also happens a lot if I fall asleep with the TV on in the background. Whatever is happening on the television worms its way into my subconscious, and I wind up dreaming about inventing unnecessary kitchen appliances or participating in popular weight-loss programs.

undine said...

It'd be interesting to write some of those stories down and see if they work. Mine always vanish once I'm fully awake, though.