Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Scorecard: Admin 1, Writing O

Some days are like that. You start with deadline-driven admin or service tasks and by the time you look up, 12 or 14 or so bleary-eyed hours later, you wonder, "Did I have writing to do today?"

That's not accurate. I did eat lunch and dinner. I did watch an hour of House of Cards with Spouse. I did go out for a run/walk late in the afternoon. I could have done some writing instead of eating or run/walking or watching House of Cards. 

But maybe if I put it all away now, I can make that score Admin 1, Writing 1/4. It's worth a shot, even if it's just revising a page.

Teddy Roosevelt was famously productive. He could start a meeting at 12:20 and end it at 12:25. He'd keep reading while his appointment for that time walked across the room. This is the man who thought he ought to go back to law school because being Vice President wasn't taking up his time.

But I may need more Francis Underwood evil genius than TR energy.

This is me tapping my Sentinel class ring on the wood of my desk and getting back to the real work of writing.

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