Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random bullets of still here

  • I come back to the blogosphere after a week or so and discover that many of the posts are about food--lovely food, like Comrade PhysioProf's fabulous pizza or Dr. Crazy's excellent restaurant meal. Do we rediscover food again once the semester is over and we realize that we have, you know, bodies that like to eat?
  • In another vast epiphany, I realized that have fixed opinions about what makes a panel work: my panel, my rules. The rules are pretty simple:
    1. Shut up and let the panelists shine, but don't let them talk past their allotted time (that one is a no-brainer).
    2. Shorter is better for presentations, since everyone's attention spans are getting shorter.
    3. Be prepared for massive technology fail but do all you can to make it succeed, like getting the presentations set up on a single computer ahead of time if possible instead of switching between them
    4. Let the audience talk rather than posing a bunch of questions yourself or letting the panelists just ask each other questions.
  • Addendum: I also realized that I am impervious to the criticism that arises from enforcing my rules because they work.


P said...

All very sound rules, in my opinion. Wish I had followed them last November, when I chaired my first panel. Ah well.

Ink said...

Good rules!

Anonymous said...

If men have gray hair they accuse me of being an "iron woman" panel organizer and chair. When I follow my own rules they really drop their false teeth.

Anonymous said...

... p.s. sorry for apparent ageism and so on but really, this is my experience. In my opinion it's bad also to be called "iron woman" for doing what would be normal for a manz.

undine said...

P, chairing a panel is at least as stressful as giving a paper, but both get easier,I think.

Thanks,ink! I have to change my blogroll to your new place.

Profacero, I haven't run into that,but I think it is just because they don't say it to my face.

Ink said...

No, you don't have to change it. It didn't last. *blush* But if I ever move again (which I will if the current probs continue), I will stay...