Monday, January 03, 2011

MLA, MLA everywhere

Is it just because I'm going to MLA this year that I'm noticing so many posts about it? Anyway, here are some posts:
  • Moose at Roxie's World is going to be speaking in a blogging session, Session 150. I want to go to that session.
  • Dr. Crazy makes some good points about the new family-friendly timing, namely that it's not so family friendly if you have kids in school. So far, I've been really happy that MLA isn't ruining Christmas as it usually does (Stress over MLA & presentations + an introvert's tendency to dread going to conferences = not fun times), but I can see her point.
  • Sisyphus, on the other hand, figures that the timing is perfect.
  • Meanwhile, back at the IHE ranch, Melissa Nicholas has found a way to make MLA job interview candidates stress out about whether they have the right clothing (a suit) to wear or not. She means well, but as one of the commenters said, the time to tell everyone this was about a month ago, not two days before the convention when all you can do is worry that you have the wrong clothes.
  • For the record, I have been on and chaired several hiring committees, and I could not begin to tell you what anyone wore. What they said--yes. Whether they were prepared for the interview--yes. Whether they had exciting ideas for classes to teach--yes. Whether they wore a suit? Not at all, although I don't think anyone had a suit with a skirt. However, the IHE post did make me feel as though I ought to do an emergency shoe shopping trip tomorrow, since I understand that snow boots are not much worn in Los Angeles.
  • The Little Professor will back me up on the "don't worry about the suit" idea. Actually, I am backing her up, since she posted about it first.
  • Although she's writing about the OAH, Tenured Radical has a great post up about how to knock the softball interview question "tell us about your dissertation" out of the park.
And I know it's a big step, but since my paper is already in the hands of the respondent, I'm going to go computer-free at MLA (well, except for the iPad).


Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

See you in La La Land! Come say hi to Moose if you make the panel. She'll be the one wearing black. Oh, and she won't have a dog. That should help you spot her. ;-)

undine said...

I didn't come up to say hi, but you rocked!