Sunday, April 18, 2010

Short takes on deep thoughts

After a ridiculously busy week, I visit the blogosphere and discover that instead of celebrating April with daffodils and bunny pictures, everyone has good posts filled with deep thoughts.
  • Notorious Ph.D. has a pair of posts asking graduate students how faculty members can best help them ("honesty").
  • Historiann points out that mothers are once again being blamed and asks why it's so difficult for Americans to acknowledge the difficult realities of family life.
  • Dr. Crazy contemplates a change (possibly generational) in the makeup of the academic blogosphere.
  • Professor Zero provides the real translation of an exchange with an arrogant and clueless colleague.
  • Ink had a week filled with testing (of the doctor kind) and grading (of the grading kind).
  • tenthmedieval comments on the works of academic rock stars and, you know, rock star rock stars.
  • Clio Bluestocking responds to messages composed of equal parts racism and incivility.
  • New Kid gets exasperated by advice on professional dress that boils down to the perennial (and sexist) "don't dress in a way to distract men ('sexy' clothes) or make women jealous of you ('wear a big engagement ring').
  • AnnieEm describes the reasons behind choosing a set list of questions for interviews.
Here is the only thing I can offer in response: [there used to be a bunny picture here, but it disappeared.]


Anonymous said...

Undine, what a great idea to point to the many interesting blog postings that I somehow missed this week.

I did catch a few of these great postings, of course (since reading academic blogs has become a true stress releaser for me): Dr. Crazy's posting is fascinating, and should be the start of updated history of the academic blogosphere (I've read a few recent books that focused only on the early years). She also reminds me that many academic bloggers are truly wild workaholics: she writes thoughtful, detailed postings, while buying a house, and doing the usual academic weekly chores. I'm in awe of her.

Thank you for the bunny picture: I recommend a visit to Bardiac ( for the daffodil pics!

Sisyphus said...

It's fuzzy!!!!!!!!!1ONE!!!!!!

Historiann said...


Thanks for the shout-out.

Anonymous said...

Awesome training to have the bunny poised over the drain for efficient clean up.

See? Others talk shop, you go bunny, and I'm straight to scatology.

Ink said...

OMG, that is the cutest bunny I've ever seen! I think your post may be the best one of all!

(Thanks for the shout and also thanks for the links -- I'd missed a few of those and it was good to go read them.)

Hope THIS week isn't as busy for you! :)

undine said...

Thanks, annieem--I'll get over to Bardiac's for my daffodil fix. I've fallen behind on Dr. Crazy's posts but they are always worthwhile.

Sisyphus--yes, so fuzzy! I couldn't resist it, even though I don't have a bunny like this any more.

undine said...

Historiann, I have nowhere near your level (and the others') level of intelligent content lately, so the least I could do is give a shout-out and a bunny picture.

undine said...

naptimewriting, I've been in your position (newborn & toddler) and would be AMAZED if you hadn't gone straight to the bunny/drain/scatology idea!

Ink, thanks--it was just as busy, but the bunny picture made it better.