Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You can count on me

  • If we're in a meeting that's supposed to be at an end, and I have class in a few minutes, and you start engaging people in a discussion of a department issue that has nothing to do with the meeting at hand, you can count on me to interrupt and say, brightly and loudly, "So, we're all agreed on X, then? Good. This meeting is adjourned."
  • If you're an administrator, and you've been asking for various kinds of responses from me, and I've been sending them without getting any response from you, you can count on me to stop by your office and say, "So, you got the X I sent, right?"
  • If you're a student, and you already have some absences that weren't when you were sick (because I saw you on campus), and you write to me now that you're sick and wonder what "extra work" you can do to make up all the absences, you can count on me to reply courteously and tell you that there isn't any "extra work" you can do.
  • If you're a random person from outside the university--say, a student at another university--you can count on me to consign your email to the trash bin if it's demanding ("I need to know this right away") or implies in any way that it's my job to answer your questions. It's not.


Historiann said...

Love this!!!

Love it love it love it.

You can count on me to print this up and put it on my office door this afternoon.

comebacknikki said...

Awesome! I definitely could have used you at our last faculty meeting! :)

Ink said...

Herkies all around! You are my hero.

undine said...

Thanks, Historiann!

comebacknikki, I think every campus needs a "put an end to meetings" consultant :).

Thanks, Ink!