Saturday, February 14, 2009

A short post but a long week

So--a long week with nothing but administration and teaching (writing? what's that?) with meetings about the Dismal Budget News.

During one meeting with about 5 people, Dismal Budget Solution was discussed, and I made a suggestion that was actually a good one, about how teaching X instead of Y would be a much better idea.

Cue large meeting late in the week. Committee chair says, "I consulted with ---," naming everyone there, except me, "and we came up with a good solution."

And then he named my solution.

Is it petty to be annoyed about this? Yes. Am I annoyed? You bet.


Professor Zero said...

It may not be worth giving it energy, but it isn't petty to be p.o.'d ... it's petty for him to do this. I'm glad though not to be the only one to have recently had this kind of experience...

This post frightens me. I'm on sabbatical and hiding from campus, but sometimes I have to go to my office and I am friends with some of the department, so I do get a few reports. One said there was a tense atmosphere and I thought I knew what it was about ... but suddenly I bet it is really budget cuts. We had to model what a 28% cut would look like ... I hate to do that because it just gives them a recipe for what they might want to do anyway ... maybe more of it than I think is actually getting implemented ... LORD ... !!!

undine said...

It is probably about budget cuts. Those modeling exercises are frightening. You hope that the cuts won't come to pass, but then you know that some of it will be implemented anyway.