Friday, November 21, 2008

I must be a shapeshifter

In the perfect storm of uselessness meeting the other day, one of my colleagues called me by the wrong name. Twice.

I had asked our administrative assistant to send me a form, and she did send it to the right address--but addressed me by the wrong name.

I kind of like this new Zelig-like ability to disappear into the woodwork. This means I can skip the next meeting and pretend that I was there all along.


Anonymous said...

a roswell reference? i love it!!

Anonymous said...

I had always heard October was the worst academic stress month: grant deadlines, the MLA job list, etc., but really I think it is November. What causes this? I started out nervous because of the election and then we went in to graduate exam season and... well now, they can't remember your name? !!!

undine said...

JustMe, I am really not of this planet--can't you tell ;_)?

Profacero, I'd agree about November. If they can't remember my name--really and truly, I am going to try to skip a meeting soon and see who notices.