Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The other night, a group us, all women, gathered for a party at a friend's house. (The friend is having surgery--not serious, except that all surgery is serious.) We talked and joked and drank wine and ate more dessert than we needed because, hey, if three people bring dessert, you eat three desserts so as not to hurt anyone's feelings. We sat outside in the summer heat and didn't watch the sunset because we were laughing too hard.

We were all ages, from a new assistant prof to more senior people. We told stories. We reminded each other of stories that ought to get told.

I didn't call this post "womenfest" or "womynfest" because we didn't sit around and talk about empowerment. We just felt it in each other's company.

This is what summer ought to be like.


Bardiac said...

Nights like that really ARE what summer's about.

undine said...

I agree, Bardiac. I just wish there were more of them.

Professor Zero said...

True. I do not know why there are not more of them. Well, I guess I do, but still, it seems ridiculous that there are not more of them.